Our Team

Our Team

Joe Vetzel, President

Joe Vetzel joined Armstrong in 1992 and became President of the Chattanooga agency in 1996. He started as a company driver and progressed to be an owner operator for the Birmingham agency, before moving to Chattanooga in 1994 and assuming the role of Operations Manager. Prior to joining Armstrong, Vetzel received his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and served as an Airborne Ranger with the 3rd of the 75th Ranger regiment. He resides with his family in Chattanooga, Tenn. and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Beth Ciamei, Customer Service Manager

Beth Ciamei joined Armstrong in 2002. As the Customer Service Manager, she leads a direct team of five associates and manages customer service in all areas focused on clients, such as national accounts, residential and military moving services. Before coming to Armstrong, Ciamei spent 13 years working in IT systems with a strong focus on accounting procedures.

  • "Zach and Tony were beyond amazing at their job! They are very professional and get the job done right and in a timely manner! They have made this moving experience so easy with no stress!"
    N.S., June 2015
  • “The packing leader and the driver were a pleasure to work with.  They were very helpful and respectful.  They accommodated us on every request.  Moving is not an easy experience for anyone involved.  Their cooperation made the experience the best it could be."
    D.M., June 2015
  • “This crew loaded and unloaded my belongings and they could not have done a better job.  They were very considerate in manner with my belongings and my house.  They took the time to load things correctly so that nothing was damaged upon delivery.  I highly recommend Zack, Tony and Kris, they provide OUTSTANDING service!"
    K.C., July 2015
  • “The Packing Services were GREAT! Those guys moved very efficiently and marked and packaged things so they were easily placed in the correct rooms at our destination. This was a great group of guys and I'd easily want them on my next move!"
    C.P., August 2015
  • “I have moved a few times in the past and this was one of my best moves.  From the coordinator, driver, crews and the third party who handled the washer and dryer, they were all good.  The driver was Phillip and him and his wife worked very well with us and should be commended. You could not have selected a better team to represent your company.  Thank you!"
    R.B., August 2015